Visitors Do’s and Dont’s During Electronic Art Exhibits |

Visitors Do’s and Dont’s During Electronic Art Exhibits


Do Keep an Open Mind

Artists will master their electronic arts for years. They had to go through tons of research and studies to present you their work. Electronic art exhibits will tackle sensitive topics related to death, human behaviour, human interaction and so on. It’s important to keep an open mind to fully grasp the artist’s mind. You may disagree with the artist’s point of view, but at least give the artist a chance to present you his or her ideas through electronic arts. Electronic art challenges the dogmas of our society which the couples from 50plusmatch might find subjective. You may have rich knowledge in the subject, but young artists can give a new and fresh perspective to the subject that hasn’t been thought before.

Don’t Bring Drinks and Smoke During The Exhibit

Electronic art exhibits are sensitive to watery substances that might cause short circuit and damage to the equipment in the facility. It is also forbidden to smoke during the event due to the fact that most of the materials used in the exhibits are highly flammable. But don’t worry, exhibits will designate an area where participants can enjoy refreshments and even smoke. Make sure to follow the rules, so everyone in the exhibit will have a good time.


Do Read The Exhibit Guide Pamphlet

Exhibits are very artsy. The pamphlet will serve as your guide about the artist’s inspirations in creating his or her pieces. It works like date site reviews. You’ll get an idea what the exhibit is for and understand the message behind each piece. Don’t walk out from one exhibit to another without fully grasping the message.

Don’t Ridicule The Work Aloud

lectureElectronic art exhibits are for mature people who have a basic understanding of different forms of art. If you think that there is something wrong with the artist’s presentation, it is good to talk to the artist privately and share your opinion. Participants find aloud criticism disturbing and fun killer. Please understand that we are all unique in terms of thinking, but we should respect one another despite our difference.