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Electronic Arts: Designs and Interactivity

Ux designers focus on developing designs that are interactive to their users. The whole purpose of these designs is to provide the “user experience”. Ux designers believe that the more interactive a design is, the more effective it would be for the user. The best interactive designs are being featured in the electronic art shows.


What is Interaction Design?

Depending on the use of the design, an interactive design goes beyond “user experience”. Interaction design will uncover the users’ way of thinking, behaviour, and pattern. Designers will often create scenarios in their design to resolve the dynamic behaviour of the human mind. It’s a good mixture of psychology and technology. Artists like Victoria Milan wow their audience by giving something more than what is expected. Interaction design works that way. It will provide a set of functionality to users and exceed their expectations.


fireA design would be meaningless if it fails to communicate to the user. Communication could be written or recorded through applications. Designers should remember to choose their words carefully and try not to overwhelm the user with too much information. The way of their communication should be clear and concise. Designers can make a compelling design by making the user understand the design first. A short introduction will do, and let the interaction between the user and the design do the rest.

Visual Representation and Physical Objects

For artists who are doing exhibitions for festivals or electronic art show, it is important that they provide the beholders with visual representation and physical objects to make the exhibit believable and compelling. Visual representations can be done through virtual reality, digital arts, and more. There are no limits for artists. For the physical objects that will add to the experience of the beholders, the artist should carefully choose the materials to be used. Make sure that these objects are relevant to the subject. Electronic art exhibitions are focused on using technology as a way of art. So, as an artist, you should limit the physical objects you would use in your exhibit.