About Us

DEAF07 is a collaboration of unconventional artists from across the globe to bring out extraordinary, thought-provoking pieces that will rock the world of anyone who beholds. The festival is comprised of exhibitions that will tackle meaningful topics unveiling current issues, history, human deep emotions, and more. We have created online relatie starten to promote electronic arts and gather the best creative minds. All the hard work pays off when the participants go home taking a new realization stirred by our exhibitions.

What To Expect:

Fresh Creative Works

The festival evolves each year, as we give our best to bring something fresh. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Do you want to experience art? Let us bring you to a dynamic world of technology surrounded by creative pieces of art that will make your jaw drop.

Variety of Topics

What makes this festival different is you will not be limited to a certain exhibition topic. You can go through each division and discover different topics through electronic arts. You’ll be amazed by how electronic arts transformed over the years. It’s no longer just about decoration, it is now a form of art combined with many forms of art.

Great Crowd

The people who visit electronic art festival such as DEAF07 are appreciators of art. They have an open mind towards things. When you visit this festival, good and interesting conversations are not hard to find.