| Dutch Electronic Arts Festival

Dutch Electronic Art Festival

DEAF07 is back to action. The festival that everyone is waiting for is back to enrich your senses through audiovisual arts. If you haven’t been in any of our festivals before and have no idea what this festival entails, be ready to be thunderstruck. Every year, we bring new things that haven’t been done before. The event itself is continuously evolving to bring astonishment to all participants. Our festival will not be your second love. You come in with excitement and come out with a remarkable experience you’ll never forget. 

The Unknown Paragon

Electronic Art is still considered fresh. But little did you know that it is everywhere you go. From the moment you walk in the park with someone you met on nederlandse datingwebsite, you could witness how electronic art move. Notice the positions of the lightings and the environment, every element works together to give you that experience. Have you tried the 4D experience? That’s an example of electronic art, too. What we are trying to achieve here in DEAF07 is to discover the unknown paragon. To seek the possibilities of what electronic arts can do, and by touching on those possibilities, we can apply them in our daily lives. DEAF07 mixes every element from technology, sound, lights, visual appealing contents, and even natural elements to bring out inexplicable experiences you cannot get elsewhere.


New Avenue for Unconventional Artists

As you step into our doorsteps, you are stepping into a different paradigm. The festival is liberating and educating that would stir up different feelings of nostalgia. Only unconventional artists can pull off those kinds of exhibitions that will challenge our society’s dogma. DEAF07 serves as a new avenue for unconventional artists to exhibit their masterpieces. Our festival is ematching with these amazing artists. Our collaboration with them brings out masterpieces which take years to make. Every exhibition is studied and perfected for participants to get what they came for. Every artist has to master different elements of art such as sound, digital art, electronic art, theatrical art, and even go through long hours of research. As a beholder of their art, keep an open mind. The greatest token of appreciation you could give is to fully enjoy the exhibition without biases while you are enriching your senses.

Get Tickets and Invite Your Friends

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Exhibitions would be meaningless if there are no visitors. Help DEAF07 get more audience by getting tickets and inviting your friends. If you are elitedating someone, take her to the exhibit and have a good time together. Not only the audiovisuals are stimulating, but the festival is also educating and liberating. It is the perfect place to enjoy and learn at the same time. Don’t forget to tag along with your friends. To all the supporters of DEAF07, you are the best. See you at the festival.

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